Commercial and Residential Security

Commercial Security Guards & Residential Security Guards

At Odin Protection, we always place the safety and security of our clients first. We know that every situation is different and that a custom plan for comprehensive security is needed to keep people and assets safe.

When it comes to commercial security Toronto guards and residential security guards, you can trust our dedicated and knowledgeable security teams.

We work with you to develop a custom security plan that meets the challenges of your particular situation. Our skilled security teams then work to carry out this plan perfectly.

Commercial Security Toronto Guards

There are some reasons why you may require commercial security services. For example, a retail store might be interested in having a security guard stationed at the door to monitor those who enter and exit the property, or a guard to circulate through the store in order to catch shoplifters in the act. A restaurant, bar or nightclub may wish to have security guards for crowd control, to maintain order and to ensure that any disputes are settled without issue. An office complex could want security to monitor for suspicious activity or access control.

Whatever your needs, we can help. At Odin Protection, we offer the following commercial security Toronto services:

  • Mobile vehicle patrols
  • Stationary guards
  • Patrol guards
  • Monitoring of video surveillance cameras
  • Access control and concierge services
  • And much more

residential security guards torontoPlus, in the event of a crime or other situation, our guards will work directly with police and other authorities in order to assist in an investigation. For more information on commercial security services, please contact us today.

Residential Security Guards

Our residential security services keep you, your loved ones and your property safe and secure. If you manage or own a residential complex such as a condominium, gated community or apartment complex, trust Odin Protection for access control, mobile patrols, security camera monitoring and much more. We work directly with residents and management boards to deliver the specific services that they need to keep them safe.

You can also arrange to have Odin Protection respond to emergency alarms for individuals residences and larger complexes. This practice is often more immediate than contacting the police, and our residential security teams are trained to handle complex situations and will work directly with police and other authorities as necessary to advance and solve an investigation.

For more information on our residential security services, please contact us today.

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