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construction security torontoConstruction sites contain many high-value items and, therefore, these sites are often targets for criminals. Also, many construction sites lack adequate security. This means that criminals feel comfortable stealing from construction sites since they have begun to expect a lack of security. Make sure your construction site is protected with construction security Toronto services from Odin Protection.

You can trust our dedicated team to provide you with the high-quality, effective security that you need. We provide superior protection for materials, equipment, people, and property at construction sites and industrial locations.

Since 2001, we have worked with companies of all types and sizes to keep locations, assets, and individuals safe. We know that the key to maintaining a property safe and secure is to create a comprehensive plan that takes into account specifics relating to that unique situation. It also requires the skill and experience to carry out such a plan. When you work with Odin Protection, you are working with a dedicated partner that is knowledgeable and that works directly with clients to meet their unique needs.

Our construction security Toronto services include:

  • Mobile vehicle patrols in a marked vehicle at irregular intervals that are impossible for criminals to track
  • Stationary security guards at construction site entrances
  • Security guard patrols throughout the site and the surrounding area
  • Monitoring of surveillance cameras and reacting as necessary
  • Co-operation with the authorities as they arrive (in the event of a crime or another emergency situation)
  • Personal security to and from the construction site for individuals as necessary
  • Additional services as required

As you can see, we work hard to ensure that all aspects of construction security are handled with skill, knowledge, and dedication.

If you are interested in construction security Toronto and looking to protect your construction site or another industrial area, you can trust the dedicated team at Odin Protection. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have about our company or our construction security services. A member of our team will be more than happy to discuss your particular situation with you and help create a custom security plan that will effectively incorporate the needs of your business. We want to keep you safe and secure.

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