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Who Are We?

odin protection security guards torontoTo create the clear vision across the field, communication and understanding is key.

Unlike many other security companies Odin Protection Services knows not only what it is like to mediate between guards and clients, but our management has the experience of having been both clients and guards themselves. This experience offers our management an understanding of what can go wrong and how to make things right before they do.

Our clients and employees have been very satisfied with their ability to contact a member of management without delay. Our staff will never show up as a guard without any briefing about the duties and environment they are expected to serve our clients in. Our management actively visits sites, clients, and guards to ensure that communication and mutual understanding runs smoothly to connect each of our visions.

We offer free risk assessments, free quotes and for permanent sites will create personalized standard operation procedures that uphold our mission statement.

“To align our vision with the vision and interests of each of our clients while providing the maximum security of people, property and information personalized to each client’s needs.”

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